Homeowners Corporation

We wish to welcome you to our beautiful subdivision.

Our purpose is to foster, promote and assist in the general and community interests of the owners of property in Holiday Estates I & II. Our intent is to maintain a high quality of life and to protect property values.

If you purchase or rent in this subdivision, you must comply with the Deed Restrictions. (Click here).  Please make sure you have a copy of this important document.

You must also provide the Corporation with proof of age, so we can continue to be in compliance with HUD regulations. You may do this by showing or copying your driver’s license or birth certificate. All records are kept completely confidential in the Homeowners Corp. files.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you must be an owner of property, pay annual dues of $10.00, and abide by the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws. (Click here.)

Join us to ensure that you have a say in maintaining our subdivision.