Burrow & Tortoise


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    Burrows They dig their burrows to a depth of 10-20 ft with a length of 20-60 ft and a width which allows them to turn around anywhere they choose. The burrows are distinctively half moon shaped and easy to identify. The size of the opening matches the size of the tortoise and indicates age! Tortoises generally have 2 burrows but males can have as many as 35. The burrowing aerates the soil and helps the ecology of the pine flat woods on which we live.
    The tortoises excrete bacteria helpful to their health into the apron out front of the burrow. They built a water reservoir into the upper portion of the burrow to store water that comes in during rains for drinking, although most of their water is gotten from their food.
    360 creatures are known to inhabit the burrow with them, but it’s only 1 tortoise per burrow. The Florida mouse and the eastern indigo snake are found living in tortoise burrows. These species are listed as in peril or threatened under the Endangered Species Act, as well. Tortoises are a cornerstone species ensuring the survival other indigenous species. Save for the armadillo, not many of the other creatures’ that co-habitat damage residential structures or are even interested in the structures. These are some of reasons for the regulations protecting the burrows, the apron out and 25 ft around the burrow.

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